Trump Returns to Central Iowa, Touts Trade Policy, Discusses Iran

Trump speaking to crowds during a visit to Adel on Monday afternoon. Trump's speech at the Dallas County Fairgrounds was the first of two stops in Central Iowa.

(Adel, IA) -- Donald Trump greeted hundreds of people gathered at an open air building at the Dallas County Fairgrounds in Adel Monday afternoon. It was the first of two speeches during a one-day visit to central Iowa. The 45th President and leader of the current field of GOP presidential candidates spoke on a number of subjects, most notably the Israel-Hamas conflict, trade policy, and a gag order issued by a federal judge in an election interference case.

"I'll be the only politician in history with a gag order, where I'm not allowed to criticize people," Trump said. "We'll appeal it, and we'll see. It's so unconstitutional." Trump had previously scheduled an event in Des Moines in May, but it was canceled due to the threat of severe weather.

Trump addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, telling the audience that Iran wants to get into the conflict. "They're making a fortune," Trump said, "they want to come into the war too."

Iowa voters reacted to the speech. Lana Davis is moving to Iowa in the coming weeks and was born in Ukraine. She said she likes Trump's policy stance towards the war-torn nation. "Being from Ukraine and seeing how he supports and stands strong with those countries that need it," Davis said, "supporting Israel, helping the farmers, all of the stuff that I think is important to most of the people and [those] who built this country."

Anthony Davis of Adel attended the rally and says he's really "concerned about all the legal stuff going on, if they're going to do something where he's not on the ballot," Davis said. "I've been watching a lot of it and trying to keep in touch."

Trump later spoke at the Horizon Events Center in Clive. He was formally endorsed by Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird during Monday's campaign stop.

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