Iowa City Woman Arrested, Accused Of Setting Husband's Truck On Fire

(Iowa City, IA) -- An Iowa City woman is in custody after being accused of pouring gasoline on her husband's truck and then setting it on fire.

40-year-old Ashley Bunting of Iowa City is charged with second-degree arson for the August 23rd fire.

According to police, a man reported his truck had been burnt in a parking lot in the 1600 block of Aber Avenue.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a second vehicle partially burnt with accelerant, a substance used to help spread a fire, on the vehicle.

Lab tests revealed the fire accelerant was positive for gasoline mixture and found Bunting's fingerprints on the truck and gasoline.

Investigators say while looking into Buntings electronic records, they found she had used Google maps to search the area where the fire took place just hours before.

They say she then deleted her Google location and search history for the time the fire took place.

if convicted, Bunting is facing a maximum of ten years prison time.

Police car and fire engine truck

Photo: ollo / E+ / Getty Images

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