Oak Hill Cemetery Warning People Of Annual Fall Cleaning

(Coralville, IA) -- Oak Hill Cemetery is asking people to gather any grave decorations.

Starting November 6th, the city of Coralville is activating its annual fall clean up of the cemetery in order to maintain and preserve the cemetery's appearance.

Those who maintain plots in the cemetery are asked to remove flowers and decorations that are not contained on the monument or foundation before November 6th.

From November 6th through November 10th, any flowers or decorations that are not removed will be disposed of by city staff.

The city says they will displace floral and other decorations during the cleaning.

You can contact the Coralville Parks Department for more information.

Cleaning cemetery. A woman's hand washes grey monument at the grave with rag

Photo: Andrey Sayfutdinov / iStock / Getty Images

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