Iowa's Unemployment Rate Up Slightly

Application for benefits

Photo: KLH49 / E+ / Getty Images

(Iowa) -- Iowa's unemployment rate is up slightly.

Iowa Workforce Development says the state's unemployment rose to 3 percent, up from 2.9 percent last month. The state also saw a slight decrease in the overall labor participation rate. However, Iowa's unemployment rate remains below the national average of 3.8 percent and below the statewide unemployment rate of 3.1 percent this time last year.

The number of unemployed Iowans rose to 52,800 in September, up about 1,600 from the previous month. The total number of Iowans in the statewide workforce is 1,688,200, a decrease of 4,200 from August. However, that's still an increase of 22,000 from this time last year. More than 64,000 jobs remain available in Iowa statewide.

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