Teen Accused Of Killing Student Gets Transferred to Linn County Jail

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- The teenager accused of killing a Linn-Mar student earlier this year will be transferred to the Linn County jail following the suspect's 18th birthday.

According to police, Keyun McGowan was 17-years-old when he was charged with the May 10th shooting death of Cristian Upah.

On Sunday, October 22nd, McGowan turned 18-years-old, prompting his transfer from juvenile detention.

Police say McGowan reportedly set up a meeting with Upah to rob him of vape cartridges before shooting at Upah, who attempted to stop him.

McGowan has pleaded not guilty and will return to court on November 3rd.

Prison concept. Jail bars and handcuffs, dark background. 3d illustration

Photo: Rawf8 / iStock / Getty Images

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