Jeff Remembers: The Halloween Ice Storm

Happy Halloween. I can't help but recall one memorable holiday when Halloween got cancelled and there were some crazy happenings.

I was the news director for a radio station at Lake Of The Ozarks in Missouri. There was an ice storm on Halloween day and local mayors were forced to cancel trick-or-treating for the safety of the kids. My joke on the air was that I didn't know that mayors had the power to cancel holidays and I hoped there wasn't snow on Christmas! LOL!

But the ice storm did have its consequences. Homes on the Lake are usually built atop a hill. The backyard of a Lakeside home slopes downward toward the lake, where a boat is usually docked. Residents of these homes were coming out of their houses to get the mail and go to work...and were sliding down helplessly down their back yards and onto the frozen lake! Local fire departments had to be called and fire fighters literally used rappelling equipment to get to them and pull them back to their homes!

I can laugh about it now because no one was hurt. But it made for some wild newscasts!

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