Three pounds of hooves removed from Earlham, Iowa pony

UPDATE:  The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says nine emaciated ponies removed from an Earlham property last week are continuing to recover.    The ARL says all have been checked out by veterinarians and are on dietary programs.   A farrier has begun work on the ponies.  In one case, the farrier removed three pounds of hoof from each leg of one pony.   The ARL says that particular pony has infections, and tendon and ligament damage from the extra hoof weight.   The pony will have X-rays to determine if there is additional damage.

EARLHAM, Iowa- Animal Rescue League of Iowa crews are caring for dozens of ponies, found this week on a property near Earlham.

The ARL says 60 Welsch ponies were found on the Madison County property, man were malnourished, lacked food and water, and had hooves that had grown and curled so much, the hooves were cutting into the legs.  ARL crews say they witnessed ponies eating hair that had fallen from other ponies.

Officials say the stalls had up to four feet of mud and feces.   Nine of the ponies were removed from the property, as part of a search warrant.   

The ponies are now being cared for at the ARL’s Second Chance Ranch.   Treatment has also begun for extreme hoof and dental conditions.

The owner of the property has been charged with livestock neglect and failure to dispose of animal remains.

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