Dirty-word Democrats

Prominent Democrats think they can swear their way to success. They're dead wrong. 

Just take a look at what they posted this morning:


There are four problems with this: 

1. If you're modifying your speech in an artificial way so that you "look" authentic, it's inauthentic (and people will see through it).

2. The smart way to demonstrate authenticity is by actually engaging with people -- look to Senators Cory Booker or Ben Sasse for online examples.

3. The Democratic Party should be trying to reach undecided voters and independents. Their base is sufficiently riled-up. The voters in the middle -- at least the ones I know -- aren't looking for politicians to potty-mouth their way to success.

4. The DNC needs to work on its substance, not its style. The Democrats won the White House when the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) pushed ideas to the forefront. The DLC brought about the "Third Way" policies that reflected a pro-growth, socially tolerant Democratic mindset. It was a direct reaction to the rise of identity-based politics in the party (which weren't working at the polls), and it promoted an agenda of ideas instead. 

If I were in charge of the Democratic Party, I'd drop the four-letter words and start working back towards the political center. But I'm not. 

Today's DNC tweet is right in line with what I talked about on my show this past weekend. The country beat up Mitt Romney for a couple of badly-phrased statements, and now we get four-letter-word politics instead. I'd take Romney back in a heartbeat:

Brian Gongol

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