Anarchy on Facebook Live

Mark my words: The rise of awful things being broadcast on Facebook Live is going to displace the good...and sooner or later, Facebook is going to have to admit that they either need to make a big change to the way their live-streaming service operates, or they're going to have to shut it down.

The latest is the truly sickening report that a father killed his baby daughter, showed the act on a Facebook Live broadcast, and then killed himself. I can't even begin to comprehend what kind of human being could do a thing like the act itself -- and to share a video stream of the horror while it's in progress? Unfathomable.

Yet it's happening, and the more Facebook Live becomes known as a place where these dark things happen, the less any of the rest of us are going to want to use it to share the good. In economics, it's called Gresham's Law: Bad money chases out the good. (In other words, if you have real currency and counterfeit currency, then you're going to hoard the real stuff and use the counterfeit stuff instead.) On Facebook Live, the bad content is going to drive out the good. 

It's naive to think otherwise, unless Facebook's going to get serious about blocking the bad content -- just like the Secret Service is serious about stopping counterfeit currency.

A clip on this from the broadcast on April 22:

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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