France's election still got hacked

I share the widespread enthusiasm for the fact that the centrist (read: not-completely-barking-mad) candidate won the French presidential election this weekend.

But even though the outcome was as hoped-for, the last-minute release of illicitly-obtained materials -- hacked from the winning candidate's campaign -- should have us all on high alert. There's plenty of reason to suspect that the Russian government was behind the hacking, and there's plenty of reason to believe they're trying to mess with the German elections, too. Finland may be under psychological-warfare-type pressures, too...and the UK has its own snap election on the way, which it would be unlikely for the same Russian operatives to ignore. 

The very idea of free, transparent, fair elections is under heavy and sustained assault right now, and there's very little secret about who's behind it. If we're not urgently working to harden our citizens' internal defenses against it, then we should expect Russia to be back in 2018 and 2020 and beyond to try to screw with us. And I'd be surprised if they're the only ones -- if China sees Russia getting what it wants from this abhorrent behavior without suffering real consequences, then why wouldn't they want to get in the game, too?

A few more thoughts on this from this weekend's live show:

Brian Gongol

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