Don't compare news media to the Russian government


Radio host Dennis Prager posted a tweet a couple of days ago, saying: "The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does." This kind of statement isn't just false and historically illiterate -- it's a disservice to good people who live in places with very bad governments. And there are many of them -- literally, billions of our fellow human beings are living under rotten, corrupt, oppressive, and otherwise reprehensible governments -- or in places where there is little or no government at all, and where what prevails is little more than mob violence.

To characterize the "news media" as a threat to Western civilization is nothing more than a mindless platitude. There is no monolithic "news media", what news outlets are out there are generally held accountable for their work (both good and bad), and to characterize newspapers, radio stations, television stations, and other mass media as a "danger to Western civilization" is just plainly stupid. It's even more arrogant and anti-factual to say that any "threat" they might pose is greater than that of a government that is openly hostile to personal liberty and the rule of law.

Prager has insulted all of us with this statement -- because he is fundamentally rejecting the First Amendment, and showing preference for an authoritarian government instead. What an insult. And it's beyond hypocritical for him to make his living off the First Amendment by trying to undercut it.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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