Reince Priebus got fired because of James Madison

The President is clearly unhappy with the lack of progress on his agenda. He fired Reince Priebus, but it's really James Madison who's standing in the way. (And let's be clear: I'm on Madison's side.)


A three-branch system of government makes it hard to get things done. That's a feature, not a bug. Checks and balances are necessary.

Whether you like the structure of Congress or not, there's no doubt that by filtering ideas first past a population-based lower house, then past a geography-based upper house, ideas go through a tougher strainer than they would in a pure democracy.

The President shouldn't be the legislator-in-chief. But let's not pretend like the President did the slightest thing to lift a finger to achieve a policy goal. He wanted all of the credit with none of the heavy lifting.


Regarding health care in particular, though: The fundamental problem for some of us hasn't gone away. The individual marketplace is still a disaster, and that's killer for farmers, self-employed people, and small businesses.

Without a resolution to the unmanageable rise in premium costs, you can expect a lid on economic growth. Without the right conditions, we can't expect small businesses to grow.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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