They work for you

Dumb ideas are too easy to find right now.

Dumb on the left: The Socialist Party of Great Britain is trying hard to promote a stupefyingly inexcusable interpretation of the facts that would have one howling with derisive laughter -- if it weren't for the dominating fact that millions of human beings have died from their abject stupidity. Do not fall for the idiotic platitude that "perfect socialism hasn't failed because it's never been tried": The fact is that in a world where scarcity inexorably exists, there will always be some form of pricing that determines who gets what. As humans, we have the intelligence to use pricing to make those allocations. It's vastly more humane than pretending like those limitations don't exist...even if "true" socialists are too obtuse to understand that.

Dumb on the right: A bunch of people have really debased themselves lately in their fealty to the President. Like him, hate him, or hold him at a safe skeptical distance, there are just some statements that can't be reconciled with reality. For instance, Mike Huckabee saying "in Donald Trump, we have a Churchill. That's just boneheadedly dumb, and not just because Churchill wrote 43 book-length works totaling millions of original words, while President Trump is golfing now for his fifth straight day.

This kind of personal debasement would be reckless and dumb, no matter who is the object of the individual's affections. Slobbering devotion to President Obama was a bad idea. The same for President Bush. And President Clinton. And the prior President Bush. And President Reagan. And so on.

Let's not forget in 2018 that everyone in government in Washington is an employee working for the rest of us -- including the President of the United States.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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