California breakup

Once in a while, I encounter a perfectly-timed tweet. This was one:


Molly McKew's comments here echo exactly what I was trying to express yesterday during the segment of the show just following the 3:30 news, when discussing the supposed movement to break up California.

We are in for a whole lot of trouble if we and our fellow Americans don't learn to separate real political movements from frauds -- and among the ones that are real, to separate those that are conducted responsibly from those that will be easily hijacked by people with bad intent.

I proposed a four-part test to start asking better questions about these groups:

  • Where is their written set of principles?
  • Who's funding the action?
  • Does it serve anyone's ulterior motives?
  • Does anybody involved have a real reputation at stake?

And that test ought to be applied to every group, movement, and association that tries to make a splash on the big stage. Question #3, especially.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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