A failure of imagination

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The dire warnings of the end of American greatness -- warnings you hear from both the left and the right -- are overstated. We still have a lot of greatness left to build upon. But it's too often and easily forgotten that greatness is built on a foundation of imagination.

We have no shortage of problems in today's complex, crowded, and sometimes confusing world. But those problems are no match for initiative, if we're willing to show it. I submit to you that the most useful thing we could do right now is reinvigorate our national debate with some fresh enthusiasm for tackling big problems.

The fact we don't have a Manhattan Project to put massive resources into eliminating pediatric cancers represents a massive failure of imagination. We, as a country, should have an open wallet (and high expectations) for pursuing every available means to put an end to the thought that any child should die of cancer. The Kinnick Wave shows what a galvanizing force our common concern for sick kids can be.

We should have an appetite to tackle other great problems with unbridled enthusiasm:

Too many of our problems are solvable, but face a severe deficit of interest in solving them. We ought to turn that around, and with a sense of urgency. America is a great nation -- but greatness isn't something to be recovered from the past. It's earned, refreshed, and expanded upon in the present and into the future. We can't do that without an investment of imagination.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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