Package thieves discover bomb(*)

The other day, two people were arrested on charges of stealing packages from the front doorsteps of homes in West Des Moines. The problem of "porch pirates" is a widespread one, but not every police department is as interested in fighting the problem as the WDMPD:


So that leaves some homeowners to fight back for themselves. But very few of us have the skills of this guy, who decided to exact a little vigilante justice by putting a bait package on his porch, containing a bomb.

A glitter bomb.

It's amazing:


Now, that's the funny way this can go. And it's really impressive as a work of technical art.

But all hilarity aside (and a glitter bomb is an incredibly funny way to deal with the problem), I worry that there may be people who get so frustrated with thieves that they end up putting something legitimately dangerous inside a bait package. When people are out for revenge, some go too far. It's already an issue that has stirred up controversy in Chicago, where the police have tried perhaps too aggressively to capture package thieves.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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