I've seen the promised land and it has Cheez Curls

They brought back Planters Cheez Curls!

My friends, I have seen the promised land. And it is at the Hy-Vee on Mills Civic Parkway:


I admit it: I'm addicted. I've loved Planters Cheez Curls since I was a kid, and when they were brought back from the dead, I rejoiced. I only hope that I can buy enough to keep Planters convinced that there's a market for them.

But while we're at it, there are some other things I'd like to bring back from the 1980s and 1990s:

Bring back long-form opening credits

TV shows used to start with epic themes and scene-setting sequences. Now, you're lucky to get ten seconds with the title of the show splashed across the screen. Sure, opening credits take up time that could be sold for advertising. But I'm watching most of my TV on streaming services anyway; I have the time to spare for something like this classic:


Bring back double-breasted suits

Remember the ones it seemed like every man on television was wearing in the 1990s? I want them back. The extra row of buttons are utterly pointless, and I love them for it:


Bring back "Pop-Up Video"

The VH-1 feature was ever so slightly educational. In an era when lying from the podium is such a commonplace activity, maybe they could do this live during White House news conferences.


Bring back split-flap boards

I get it; they're notoriously hard to maintain. But, man, they're really satisfying to watch in action:


Bring back live-action science TV shows

The 1980s were blessed with shows like "3-2-1 Contact", "Mr. Wizard's World", and "Beyond 2000". Everyone talks about how important STEM subjects are today, so let's get them back on TV! Do it, or the terrorists (or maybe China) will win:


Bring back someone like Louis Rukeyser

Louis Rukeyser for decades hosted "Wall $treet Week" on PBS. It was never going to be a show for everyone, but Rukeyser had a distinct, witty, and smart way of viewing the financial world that earned a cult following (including me). He had a way of saying what needed to be said, whether it was an ordinary week or an epic one -- especially when perspective was needed most.

Others have tried to fill Rukeyser's shoes since (including Maria Bartiromo and Anthony Scaramucci -- yes, the Mooch), but none of them have ever come close. Bonus: It had a fantastic opening title sequence!


I'm not a nostalgia addict, but some of these icons are worth a revival.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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