Episode recap - January 5, 2019

If you missed the live show on January 5, 2019, here's your chance to relive it in pieces or in one easy download:

  • Segment 1: Congress is back, so beware -- some of them are out to do nutty things like abolishing the Electoral College. (Don't understand why that's such a mistake? Listen here.)
  • Segment 2: If you had to pick one country other than the United States to spend the next year telling all of us what to do, which would you pick? I'm going with the land of Tim Horton's and hockey.
  • Segment 3: We all know that Washington has a spending problem. Marc Goldwein of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget joins the show to tell us how the "PAYGO" (pay-as-you-go) rule can at least stem some of the bleeding.
  • Segment 4: Tariffs backfire. I've been saying it since Tariff Man emerged from his economic cave, and the latest news shows why I'm right.
  • Segment 5: "Barbarians at the Tweet" -- my challenge to those who take to social media to stand on a soapbox and yell "I don't care!"
  • Segment 6: A listener thinks the PAYGO rules discussed in Segment 3 could hurt his Social Security checks.
  • Segment 7: Food allergies affect 1 in 10 adults, but 1 in 5 adults thinks they have one. That gap is a real problem, and potentially a danger to people with the really life-threatening reactions.
  • Segment 8: The power is the problem. The President thinks he can do whatever he wants to get his border wall. Supporters of his are going to regret kowtowing to that line of thinking when President Elizabeth Warren uses the same rationale to push through a left-wing economic agenda. The ends don't justify the means.
Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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