Yes, the Millennials could fight WWII today -- but don't ask them to do it

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Yes, the Millennials could fight WWII today -- if they had to. Every generation is dismissed by its seniors. Even the Greatest Generation. Look at colorized photos of D-Day and ask yourself why we even risk making the same mistakes today as the ones that led to that war.

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Donut day! Which doughnut wins National Doughnut Day?

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Can Des Moines stop the new Federal courthouse? It's prime riverfront real estate -- why should it be filled with a boring Federal courthouse? Christine Hensley helps figure it out.

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Breaking the cycle of resentment by respecting the choices others make to have pride in their own communities -- while holding them accountable, too. Like the Montgomery Advertiser's incredible and powerful approach to telling the story of slavery from the first-hand perspective of ex-slaves themselves.

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What inscriptions should go on the Federal courthouse? A caller argues the case for Biblical inscriptions on the new Federal courthouse. I argue for what I call "providential moralism" -- the kind of moral claims routinely made by the Founders, referring to Providence or the Creator. I think that approach is central to having a pluralistic society.

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How newspapers can learn from the zoo: Newspapers need reciprocity passes -- so you can support a couple of papers directly, but still get access to what's in others.

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Edited videos are breaking through, and we ought to treat it like a four-alarm fire. Researchers at Stanford and elsewhere have come up with powerful technology to manipulate videos -- and the damage they could do is almost completely out of control.

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Capitalism is great, but freedoms are even better. Or: "Why I love Perkins, but the Declaration of Independence applies to people in China, too".

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