Oprah for President? | Gender-reveal insanity | Interview with George Will

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The Framers of our Constitution got a whole lot right -- but they left out one thing: A head of state. They were probably so overconfident that Congress would dominate the government (remember, they were originally trying to fix the Articles of Confederation) that they didn't think the Presidency would evolve into the monster it has become. And it is a monstrosity today: The Imperial Presidency might befit a President with the restraint and self-discipline of a George Washington, but it's too much for almost anyone else. And by merging the head-of-government functions of the Presidency with the ceremonial duties of a head of state, we really don't have an agreeable representative of our country. And that's why we ought to have a Citizen of the Year: A head of state to do all of the ceremonial things, elected to a single one-year term of office, with exactly one political power -- the right to introduce a single piece of legislation to Congress. It's the job I think President Trump really wanted in the first place.

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Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day: Which month is the best part of summer?

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Gender-reveal parties have gone too far, just like prom-posals. I don't want the people who have taken these things too far to start getting colonoscopies. Also: It's a good thing to try to get distracted drivers off the road, but Illinois is going too far by putting state troopers in undercover semis. Enough with the surveillance-state tactics.

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Congress punts on marijuana regulations. A small victory for federalism, maybe?

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⑤ ⑥ ⑦ An interview with George Will about his new book, "The Conservative Sensibility"

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The world knows we're strong. We need to remind them that we're good, too. That's why restraint with Iran and an emphasis on enforcing rules of international behavior have to come first, with our more belligerent tendencies taking a back seat for now.

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