Is Nick Saban wasted on football? And who shares your name?

Segment 1 | Are we wasting Nick Saban on college football?

Segment 2 | This week's Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day -- how many people share your name?

Segment 3 | Technology Three: Jack Dorsey's phone got hacked, and so did his Twitter account. Google says bad actors were able to hack into iPhones for a long, long time. Tariffs are hitting hard at Best Buy, and the company is worried about what you'll be buying this holiday season.

Segment 4 | My problem with the Pizzadilla.

Segment 5 | Hurricane Dorian is going to be a huge mess, wherever it finally lands. Also: The trouble with mandatory minimum sentencing is that it keeps judges from using their judgment.

Segment 6 | Is it better to punish or to rehabilitate?

Segment 7 | Guest Bob Bixby of the Concord Coalition says they're counting on Iowans to press the issue of growing deficits and unimaginable Federal debt with the Presidential candidates (including the sitting President). We're on the doorstep of trillion-dollar deficits.

Segment 8 | Why is the President so eager to win the approval of others that he would share top-secret photos on Twitter? It's strange enough to baffle seasoned observers.

Brian Gongol

Brian Gongol

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