Video: 'Bigfoot' Enlisted to Help Sell Home in California

A real estate listing for a home in California has gone viral thanks to a monstrous star featured in the ad: Bigfoot. The clever idea was reportedly the brainchild of realtor Daniel Oster, who decided to include an individual dressed as the famed cryptid in various photos of a home he is selling in the community of Felton. Part of what made his plan rather ingenious is that the Sasquatch images were placed rather deep in the residence's online gallery, so that prospective homebuyers would get quite the surprise as they browsed through the website showcasing the house.

In the photos, 'Bigfoot' can be seen lounging on a couch, baking cookies, and even doing yoga. As Oster likely intended, the unexpected appearance of a Sasquatch in the listing's photos eventually caught the attention of one would-be homebuyer, who prompted posted them online. The cryptozoological marketing campaign subsequently went viral and undoubtedly led to far more people checking out the house than would have had it been a run-of-the-mill listing.

More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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