Watch: Shadow Figure Filmed by Hotel Security Camera?

A chilling video circulating online appears to show a shadow figure lurking in an Illinois hotel. The spooky footage was reportedly captured earlier this month at the Eagle's Nest Hotel in the city of Quincy. In response to a report of items going missing from a housekeeping cart, an employee turned to the hotel's security system in the hopes of finding out what happened and was shocked by what she saw.

In the creepy footage, a small shadowy shape resembling a figure can be seen darting out from behind a wall towards the housekeeping cart and then it quickly dashes back out of view. The area from where it seemingly originated is an elevator which, had it been open, would have illuminated the spot. This would seem to suggest that the anomaly manifested out of thin air.

Check out the very bizarre video and learn more about this strange story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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