Fenn Treasure Hunter Receives Jail Sentence for Ill-Fated Expedition

The proverbial bill has come due for an Indiana man who had to be rescued earlier this year while searching for the infamous Fenn Treasure in Yellowstone National Park. David Christensen sparked headlines back in January when his hunt for the cache of riches said to have been hidden somewhere in the American southwest by the eccentric author Forrest Fenn went wildly awry. Specifically, the man found himself stuck in the bottom of a sizeable canyon and required the help of a team of rescue workers to get out of the perilous predicament.

Upon being saved, Christensen was charged with three federal misdemeanors, but was subsequently able to cut a deal with prosecutors. Pleading guilty to the crimes of creating a hazardous condition and illegally traveling off-trail in the park, the treasure hunter learned of his punishment last week. Judge Mark Carman reportedly sentenced the man to a week in jail, ordered him to pay $4,000 to reimburse the cost of his rescue, and banned him from Yellowstone National Park for the next five years.

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