Odd Balloon-Like Object Over Japan Sparks Online Frenzy

The appearance of a mysterious balloon-like object over a Japanese city left residents scratching their heads and taking to social media with concerns that an alien invasion or something even worse was about to occur. The weird incident reportedly unfolded on Wednesday morning in the northeastern city of Sendai when the large white sphere was spotted hovering in the sky. Onlookers were left baffled by the appearance of the oddity and quickly began sharing photos, videos, and theories about the anomaly online.

As one can imagine, some people on social media suggested that perhaps the UFO was of the alien variety. Others offered a more ominous opinion: that the odd object was a clandestine craft sent floating over the country by North Korea for some nefarious purpose. And, of course, there were less-imaginative individuals who put forward the possibility that the balloon-like object was exactly that and nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

More on this story, including video of the object, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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