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I hope you've liked "Need To Know With Jeff Angelo" on Facebook and are enjoying the pictures that I've taken while in New York.  I'll be back in Iowa on Thursday to broadcast from the State Fair.

There's one picture that's not appeared on the page and that's what this blog post covers.  On my first day in New York City, I happened to walk by Trump Tower.  There was a huge -or should I say, yuge -  crowd out front.  But most were not there to gawk.

I watched as multiple people had friends take pictures in front of the Tower while flipping it off.

In this liberal state, the hate is everywhere -  you can buy all sorts of anti-Trump stuff.

The irony of all of this, of course, was that on the night before I left, the West Virginia Governor announced that he was flipping from the Democratic party to the GOP, giving the Republican party total control of 26 states.  

After Justice’s switch, GOP-controlled states will comprise of 164,139,104 people, according to Americans for Tax Reform. In comparison, Democrats control 6 states, or 50,190,213 people.

After nine years of rejection by the voters at every level of government, the Democrats must be going through quite a period of soul searching, right?

Not according to this article by the Washington Post.  The article does point out that Democrats are at a new low, but then seem puzzled as to why:

In other words, Justice's departure doesn't mean Democrats are fleeing their party because they finally saw the light and decided to become Republican. In fact, maybe it's the opposite, said Carolyn Fiddler, a state-politics analyst with the left-leaning blog Daily Kos.

“I'm surprised he'd opt to align himself with a party with such a damaged brand right now,” she said. Trump has historically low approval ratings, and Republicans in Congress just tried to pass an Obamacare repeal, but all they accomplished was to make Obamacare more popular.

In other words, with the liberal national media talking about polls showing the GOP approval down, the constant stories of a White House in disarray, and in-fighting amongst Republicans, it's the GOP that's in bad shape, right?  RIGHT?  It is almost as if social media exists to tell Democrats that everything is wonderful -  no matter the facts.  After all, the reality will eventually match the narrative, right?  RIGHT?

That's what I see in most media these days.  Very little soul searching among liberals -  and a whole lot of reassurance that they are smarter than all these DEPLORABLES -  who will EVENTUALLY get with the program.

This is why Al Franken will be the perfect Presidential candidate for Democrats in 2020.  As his SNL character, Stuart Smalley, formerly said:  I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

There's nothing wrong at all with the Democratic party.  Except for that bird that the voters keep flipping the party each election time.

Signing off for now from NYC -  keep checking back on Facebook for more New York Groove!