How To Organize That "Junk" Drawer

I once asked this question on Facebook: do YOU have a junk drawer in your house? I had been told by a friend that "junk drawers" were a Midwestern thing - that folks in other parts of the country don't have them. Facebook followers assured me that EVERYONE has a junk drawer.

That said, have you ever thought about organizing it? I am sure this is part of the "Marie Kondo" craze that's going on right now. You'll recall that I talked on the air about how much Boo loved Marie Kondo's "Joy Of Tiding Up" book. We watched her new Netflix series on the day it hit the platform.

And we are not alone. Goodwill and other consignment stores are reporting that donations are way up since Kondo hit Netflix. The joyful Japanese lady who loves messes and gives tips on organizing the house is a huge sensation. And, yes, I liked the series as well. You can't help but like Marie. And her tips are excellent. I am only doubtful of the life-changing effects of cleaning the house.

Along those lines, “Today” asked for professional advice on organizing that drawer that contains twist ties, scissors, an endless knick knacks.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use a cutlery organizer
  • Clean out your drawer and separate the stuff in plastic bags
  • Decide what to keep or pitch
  • Disinfect the drawer
  • Organize what’s left.

My next question: is it REALLY a junk drawer if it's organized????

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