Map Takes Driver Over Cliff (BONUS: Watch Classic "The Office" Scene)


You remember the classic scene from "The Office" where Dwight and Michael use an electronic drive straight into a lake? Enjoy by clicking above.

Turns out it happens in real life.

An Indonesian truck driver is recovering from injuries after he followed Google Maps, straight off a cliff into a river.

The man was hauling a load of rocks last month but wasn't sure how to get to their destination in Bali. He checked Google Maps and started off, not realizing the route suggested was for motorcycles, not trucks.

By the time he thought about turning around, the road was too narrow, so he pressed on until his truck stalled and plunged into the river. People nearby were able to rescue the driver, who escaped with relatively mild injuries.

To be fair to Google, he made the mistake, not the map.

My weirdest experience with Google Maps occurred in Chicago. As Boo and I got into downtown Chicago, the map began sending us in squares to find our hotel. I think the amount of options actually confused the software. We'd be told to turn left...then right...then right again...then left on the same road from which we had just turned moments ago. When we figured out what was happening, we just kept driving straight until we reached the street on which the hotel was located. Google kept rerouting...and rerouting...and rerouting...

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