Mitt Romney's Secret Identity Is Pierre Delecto

Senator Mitt Romney admitted to having a “lurker” Twitter account to follow political news.

The Utah Republican said he had the account during an interview with “The Atlantic,” causing other reporters to start digging to try to find it. “Slate” journalist looked through the followers on the account of Romney's oldest grandchild and found one under the name Pierre Delecto. The account had started to gain followers over the weekend before it was made private by whoever owns it.

When Romney was asked about it yesterday, he responded with “C’est moi,” which means “it’s me” in French.

This reinforces a point that I make on the show all the time: voters are supposed to be appalled by the behavior of Donald Trump. But voters see ALL politicians as weird and...yes...FLAWED individuals. The tactic of asking you to be outraged by the behavior of members of one political party while ignoring the SAME behavior in the other political party just doesn't resonate.