When I think back to my college radio days, I can honestly say they were unparalleled. For starters, I learned SO MUCH. Grand View University has an exceptional radio program. This has been proved time and time again, with students from KDPS cleaning house at the Iowa College Media Awards, to the successful careers they begin in the real world. (Like how insanely blessed am I to work for V&B?!)

Secondly, I had the time of my life! Nothing can compare to going live for your first time. It's that amazing mixture of exciting and scary, that gives you "the bug.." The random guy I got paired with to be my partner, turned into a life-long best friend. I had the freedom to be creative and explore, engage my peers and experience how cool it is the first time someone says, "I heard you on the radio!"

I'm really disappointed because Grand View no longer thinks students need a college radio station, because students should focus on "internet radio." First off, "internet radio" is NOT real radio! "Internet radio" won't get students a real job with a real paycheck, post graduation. Internet radio robs them of the education you truly need about the responsibilities of operating an actual radio station. Honestly, if I was a student enrolled in a broadcasting program without an actual station, I would get the heck out of there, which I'm sure current students are considering. It's too bad because some GREAT talent has come out of that school, many of them are even apart of our iHeart family.

So whether this has you reminiscing about your own college radio days or you are a believer in REAL radio, there's a campaign to keep KDPS around! More information can be found below. Thank you so much!


Just some fun college memories...


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