My eyebrows have always been something I have been really insecure about, mainly because I barely had any. And then BOOM, society made brows the hot new thing and I was out of luck. I've spent so many hours filling in my eyebrows and tons of money to get the most natural look possible. All the hard work aside, there were plenty of times where my brows still went wrong (like the time beaming summer sun turned my eyebrow makeup green) and at the end of the day I still wasn't getting the results I wanted. SO! I got my first tattoo...on my face. I got microbladed. But what's microblading? It's basically where someone makes tiny little cuts and fills it with dye.

 Here's what Anna, the woman who did my eyebrows says..

Microblading is a handheld, manual method of semi-permanent makeup. With Microblading you ‘draw’ on hair strokes following the natural direction of your hair to make filled in, shaped brows. This is done by etching hair like strokes into the skin and then filling the etches in with pigment. This technique makes a very natural realistic 3D brow customized to enhance each individual’s natural beauty! - Anna Johnson

YES, it hurts. The first round, my eyes were Niagara Falls. However after that inital round, a numbing cream is applied and I couldn't feel a thing. I actually fell asleep during the process. I'm currently a couple days into my healing, and the process is just like any other tattoo, lots of washing and itchy! I will go in for one more round in 4 weeks.

I just wanted to show you an example of someone else with microblading. It can make a big difference!

Now, if I was smart I would have just told you all I was getting a new tattoo, period, and shocked you with this! I got an entire sleeve of henna this weekend! My friend Maggie (@hennabymaggie) is a full-time henna artist and wanted to do a styled photoshoot with people she finds inspirational. How I got lucky enough to be a part of it is beyond me, but I'm excited! Saturday morning she came over and for three hours covered an entire arm and both hands with beautiful designs.

Henna is a stain that comes in a tube much like puffy paint, and when it dries it leaves a beautiful tone to your skin. It will fade and disappear in about two weeks. It's a lot of fun and makes you feel like a spicy lady for awhile!