Quarter Of Americans Use Home Security Cameras To Spy On Neighbors

Listen to Max & Amy's conversation about the VIVENT study, revealing how many people use their security cameras to spy on their neighbors. Other findings from the study showed:

  • 25% of people who have a home security system admit they use theirs to spy on their neighbors.
  • 14.5% say they’ve even caught their neighbors on camera walking around naked.
  • The generation most likely to spy on their neighbors is Gen X.
  • Gen Z actually use their cameras to keep away from their neighbors, with 30% saying they use them to avoid people when they knock on the door.

But most people don’t actually use their cameras to spy.

The most common reasons folks get security cameras are to:

  • Make sure their property is safe (48.7%)
  • Monitor their package deliveries (40.8%)
  • Watch for porch pirates (37%)
  • One in seven actually say they’ve caught a porch pirate with their camera. 
  • Interestingly, the thing surveillance cameras catch the most each year is friends trying to surprise a homeowner with a visit (31%)
  • Although 13% insist their cameras have caught other surprise guests, like ghosts, aliens and more. 
  • Other things cameras have caught include:
    • Their own drunken behavior (22.3%)
    • Person not picking up after their pet (17.9%)
    • Someone falling on the stairs (17.8%)
    • Cleaning staff stealing (15.3%)
    • Person stealing gas from car (13.7%)
    • Teenager sneaking out (11.4%)
    • Drunk roommate shenanigans (11.2%)

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