Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Ophelia

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: William

William was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in February 2022 and his mom, Leah came into the studio to tell us about his story and to give us an update about how William is doing!

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Isaac

Isaac had a rough start to life with being immediately air lifted to the nearest NICU two hours away where he spent his first month of life. His mother, Amanda called in to tell us more of his story and how he's doing today!

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Sage

Sage is enjoying Kindergarten whole heartedly despite being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January of 2023. Sage's mom, Betsy, called in to give us an update on his status and to tell us some more of his story!

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Evan

Evan was diagnosed with Stage IV, High Risk Neuroblastoma at 13-months. His mother, Joy, came in to tell his story. Warning this one is a tear-jerker with a sad ending.

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Mia

Mia is a very active 6-year old who is in the 1st grade and loves to dance. Her mother Nichole called in to tell us Mia's story and give us an update on her process!

Pinky Swear: MaryBeth tells her story

MaryBeth from Pinky Swear shares her story and how she got started with the foundation.

Pinky Swear: Remembering Don Snyder

Today is our Radiothon for Pinky Swear and one of the biggest sponsors was Dawn Snyder, but sadly Dawn passed away in February of this year! So we honored him in the first hour!

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Ainsley

Ainsley is now a senior in college at the University of Northern Iowa, studying to be a teacher. When Ainsley started college she was diagnosed with cancer and her mom Christine came in to tell her story and give an update on her status and grades!

Pinky Swear All-Star Story: Reese

Reese is a spunky 2nd grader that was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was 16 months old. Her dad Eric told us her story and that in May of this year she had no evidence of disease and had clean scans since then.