Marilyn Maye - American Jazz Legend (and East High Grad!)

Marilyn Maye

She was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 76 times - after graduating from East High in Des Moines! Listen as Maxwell chats with American Jazz Legend, Marilyn Maye, before her shows at the Temple Theatre in Des Moines, April 26th and 27th, 2019. Marilyn appeared each Friday and Saturday night at a supper club, called “Club 100”. She also sang with a local big band during her high school days. She and the band appeared at the local large ball rooms in Des Moines. Of course, there was a great deal of local publicity on Marilyn when Governor Robert D. Ray campaigned and won six consecutive unprecedented (at that time) terms. Governor Ray used the very powerful campaign song, which was written to the melody of Marilyn Maye’s hit RCA recording of “Step To The Rear” and Marilyn was hired to record the campaign song. The song was played on the air constantly, so much so, that the competing politicians, while running their own campaigns, would refer to the song and Marilyn. One bumper sticker read “if you don’t like what’s happening in Iowa, don’t blame me – blame Marilyn. She also performed at all the Inaugural Balls for and with Governor Ray. Throughout the years she appeared at various Des Moines clubs that have existed in the city. She has performed her symphony concert with the Des Moines Symphony. A side note: Governor and Mrs. Ray came several times to Marilyn’s performances, both in Des Moines and at The Inn, Lake Okoboji. She always brought him on stage and he would speak of her and their campaign song in glowing terms.

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