Very Rare Identical Quadruplets Born in Dallas

Just when the country was starting to go under lockdown, a Dallas couple became parents … four times over.Jenny and Chris Marr welcomed identical quadruplets, which is pretty rare. Their four boys are one of just 72 documented cases of spontaneous, identical quadruplets, according to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.Harrison Foy, Henry William, Hudson Perry and Hardy Smith Marr were born on March 15th and after spending 10 weeks in the NICU and time in the Special Care Nursery, they’ve now finally headed home from the hospital. Neither Chris nor Jenny have a history of multiples in their families, and they say they were “just absolutely floored” when they were first told they were expecting triplets. But they were even more shocked when another heartbeat was detected at their next doctor’s appointment and they found out they were having quadruplets.Their amazing story is documented in PEOPLE Magazine.