Outdoors Dan

Outdoors Dan
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"Outdoors" Dan Young is passionate about fishing and hunting, but especially bow hunting.

Talk to Dan on the radio show: 284-1040!

For more on Outdoors Dan: www.OutdoorsDan.com

When he isn't on 1040 WHO, Dan is working on "Outdoors Traditions TV", which you can see at Fox Sports Midwest. Dan's main mission is to reach out to kids and get them involved in the outdoors as much as possible, knowing that kids are the key to keep the outdoors growing! He is on several national pro-staffs including Mathews Archery, Hunter Specialties, Magnus Broad heads, Pine Ridge Archery Products, Game Hide Clothing and, Alpen Sport Optics.

In 2004 Outdoors Dan was honored to receive the "2004 Tall Man Award" by Muzzy Broad Heads at the 2004 Archery Trade Association in Indianapolis Indiana. Outdoors Dan was also named the 2003 Outdoor Communicator of the year by General Sports Shows and the Des Moines Izaac Walton League. He also received the Riess Tuttle Award for Conservation Communications from the State Izzac Walton League June 2004.

"Never listen to anyone when they say you can not do something! You and the good Lord upstairs are the only ones that know your potential!" -Outdoors Dan Young



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