Thank God I Have a PhD in Hermit and Recluse

RUSH: I had a, well, moderately scary moment last night. Now, the last time that I was in for treatment and was put on this new targeted chemo, one of the things that chemo does is wreaks havoc on the immune system. And the nurse that was telling me all the whys and what-fors and what-to-dos and all that, said, "If your temperature reaches a certain level, go straight to your casket. Don't stop at the hospital. Just go straight to your casket."

I said, "What?" It was her way of trying to tell me, "That is serious. This is very serious. You cannot get an infection. You cannot." By the way, I'm not gonna give you the fever figure, but it's not 102 or 103. "If it hits this level, go straight to your casket," and so last night for the first time a long time... The last time I had any fever was when the trial, the clinical trial drugs were being used.

I had this little watery-eye feeling. So I grabbed a thermometer, and lo and behold, I was a little bit above normal. But it was an not near the, "Go straight to your casket, don't stop, and don't pass go," whatever. I had to keep a sharp eye on it. I had to take the temperature all night.

And I had to put everybody on the staff on alert that I might not be able to show up today. Anyway, it normalized before I went to bed and is it stayed normalized. But that's how precarious all this is. Folks, I'm just lucky I have a PhD in hermit and recluse because it's no sweat off my back to stay sequestered.

(sigh) This situation in Minneapolis... (clears throat) Excuse me -- and, by the way, I need to issue an apology here in advance. For those of you watching the program on the Dittocam, it's gotta be very distracting for you to watch me constantly wiping at my nose and blowing my nose.

That is unrelated to anything, and I apologize in advance for it. I happened to watch myself on the Dittocam a couple days ago, and I got mad at me. I said, "Would you put the Kleenex down! For crying out loud, can you go five minutes with it?" The fact is, I can't, and the sniffles and so forth...

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