Black Friday Shopping Hacks From Adrianne Branstad

Black Friday in Des Moines is as much a Holiday as Thanksgiving itself. Tens of thousands of shoppers wait outside in the cold to get the first chance at heavily discounted items, but when they actually get into the store they make a lot of rookie mistakes. Rookie mistakes I want to help you avoid.

Black Friday (Photo Credit: Photo by from Pexels)

Black Friday In Des Moines

I started Black Friday shopping nine years ago, back when it was only Friday, and not online. My group of girlfriends get together each year, scope out the best deals and then wait in the cold. It's serious fun and I have learned quite a few tricks of the trade. It's about time I share them with you. 

1. Smart Black Friday Research

Study the ads from the Des Moines Register for deals while you wait for the turkey to cook. Have a plan on which store to head to, and know exactly what you want.

2. Show Up Early

Get to the stores early, I suggest 1 ½ hours to 2 hours before opening. You are going to wait either way so may as well be the first ones in the store! 

3. Bring A Team

Black Friday in Des Moines is serious, divide and conquer! If two stores open around the same time, have half the group take your list, heading to the store that's open, while you hold a place in line at the closed store. 

4. Find An Ally

Make friends with the people in line around you, they are your Co-Black Fridayers, not your enemies

5. Know The Territory

Many stores often hand out maps of the store near opening time so you will know exactly where your must have items are located in the store. Make sure you study that map and know where you're going!

6. Avoid The Traps

When you finally get inside, avoid the DVD black hole!!! You can get stuck there forever, dreaming about how much your kids will love watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for on $5. But that delay will cost you, and you may miss all the good deals. Go ahead and grab the hot DVD you need and then come back later.

7. Stock Up

Stores on Black Friday in Des Moines often have sheets, towels and pillows on sale, this is a PERFECT opportunity to stock up for Christmas Basket families, and local charities.

8. Being A Good Human Has Kick Backs

Be kind to the workers, this is a rough night for them and remember, they are there to help YOU. They are usually very helpful.

9. Carts Are For Suckers

Bring your own oversized reusable bag to put your items in as you cruise the store — there are so many people, there is no way to get a cart around. It will only slow you down.

10. Wear The Right Thing

Dress up! Wear bright colors so your friends can find you easily. Perhaps, even throw on a Santa hat, but most importantly have fun on Black Friday in Des Moines!!!

Black Friday in Des Moines

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