After second funnel, what is still alive and what died in Iowa Statehouse?

There's about a month left in the Legislature's session and they still haven't come to an agreement on the budget.

Meanwhile other Bills will start to take a back seat this week now that the second funnel has past.

The Gazette put together a list of what survived or has been approved and what did not. 

Here is that list.


l Cut/simplify Iowa’s income tax rates (SF2383/HSB671)

l Approve $32 million increase in state school aid (HF2230)

l Boost equity/transportation funding for K-12 schools (SF455)

l Regulate/ban use of automated traffic cameras/enforcement devices (SF220/SF2148/HF2118)

l Enact Future Ready Iowa skilled workforce initiative (HF2458/SF2327)

l Enact comprehensive mental health plan (HF2456)

l Require school districts to have emergency shooter/disaster safety plans (SF2253)

l Make it illegal for doctor to perform an abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected (SF2281/HF2163)

l Set local sanctions for failure to enforce immigration laws (SF481)

l Legalize fantasy sports/sports betting (HF613/HSB52)

l Protect critical infrastructure from sabotage (SF2235/HF2394)

l Extend one-cent SAVE sales tax for school infrastructure until 2049 (HF2438)

l Expand state’s five-cent bottle deposit law (HF575)

l Regulate how public universities and colleges handle free speech (SF2344)

l Revamp energy efficiency/Iowa Utilities Board policies (SF2311)

l Amend Constitution to protect victims’ rights (HJR2003/SJR2010)

l Amend Constitution to protect right to bear arms (HJR2009/SJR2009)

l Permit unregulated health benefit plans (HF2364/SF21820

l Limit liability for bars/restaurants under “dram shop” OWI cases (SF2169)

l Cut/adjust state spending to balance this year’s budget (SF2117/HSB648)

l Create special state prosecutor to combat workers’ compensation fraud (SF2305)

l Conduct multipronged attack on Iowa’s opioid addiction (HF2377)

l Revamp elements of the Medicaid managed care program (HF2462/HSB680)

l Create Class B offense for kidnapping person under age 18 (HF2270/SF2230)

l Require stores that sell specialty eggs to also sell conventional eggs (HF2408/SF2242)

l Grant immunity to “good Samaritan” 911 callers for underage drinking emergencies (SF415)

l Direct state to request bids to sell or lease the Iowa Communications Network (SF2219)

l Increase fine to $2,500 for illegally possessing, etc., an eagle (HF2173)

l End “pornography reading rooms” at state prisons (HF2269/SF2136)

l Allow Iowans to legally transport alcoholic beverages across the state line (SF2347)

l Include simulated firearms in the definition of dangerous weapons for robbery (SF3006)

l Support convening an Article V constitutional convention (SJR8)

l Drop permit requirement for stun guns but still classify as a dangerous weapon (SF2321)

l Allow blue/white lights on snow plows (SF2163)

l Allow more reserved campsites at state parks (SF2020)

l Enhances criminal penalties for stolen vehicle used in crime (SF2197)

l Allow pickup truck to be used as school bus in limited circumstances (SF2324)

l Authorize DNR to establish camping/rental fees at state parks (HF619)

l Authorize Natural Resources Commission to Increase fishing /hunting license fees (HF631)

l Revamp property taxes on telephone/telecommunications services (SSB3152)

l Raise inspection fees for food/sanitation services (SSB1169)

l Revamp methods for drawing county representation maps (HF2372)

l Stop most food “shaming” in schools (HF2467)

l Expand online learning options for home-schooled students (SF2131)

l Lower damage award for car-accident victims not wearing seat belts (SF2135)

l Ban use of public funds by state officials for advertising (HF2469/SF2381)

l Expand Iowa’s safe haven law (SF360)

l Alter ballot name order in elections for partisan offices (SSB3191)

l Allow Iowans to transport alcoholic beverages into Iowa (SSB3084)

l Require government employees to register if also acting as foreign agent (SSB3086)

l Issue contract for student assessment tests (HF2235)

l Upgrade the concussion protocol for school athletics/extracurriculars (HF20060

l Eliminate Praxis II teaching test requirement (HF2280)

l Toughen criminal offense for illegal use of scanning/encoding devices (SF2238/HF2199)

l Expand home-school access to online learning (HF2367/SF2131)

l Include sign language within world language definition (HF2390)

l Require insurance companies to cover telehealth services (HF2305)

l Raise weight limit for trucks hauling logs/raw forest products (HF2313)

l Give schools more flexibility with state funding (HF2441)

l Expand penalties for contraband possession to CBC facilities (SF2179/HF2255)

l Expand methods to request consumer security freeze (SF2170)

l Bar sex offender from enrolling in safe at home program (HF2252)

l Expand bidding requirements for lease-purchase construction (HF2253)

l Create Class B offense for kidnapping person under age 18 (HF2270/SF2230))

l Regulate confinement feeding operations for fish (HF2281)

l Raise maximum amusement prize from $100 to $950 (HF2282)

l Enhance anti-texting law for commercial vehicles (SF2162/HF2196)

l Create text-messaging notification/payment system for citations (HF2193)

l Require sexually violent predator to be supervised upon release (HF2914)

l Expand definition/penalty for lascivious acts with minors (SF2176/HF2249)

l Mark trees/posts with purple paint as no-trespassing indicators (SF2002)

l Refer grandparent visitations disputes to mediation (SF2247)

l Allow “ex parte” court order to intercept communications (HF2311)


l Create “heightened scrutiny” in religious freedom cases (SF2154/HF2209)

l Require five-justices Iowa Supreme Court supermajority to hold a state law unconstitutional (SF2153)

l Bar cause of action/damages for wrongful birth/wrongful life claims (HF2165)

l Combat racial profiling by law officers with training, data collection (SF2280)

l Help family caregivers look after loved ones (HF2289/SSB3123)

l Allow firearm possession when transporting someone to/from school (SF2086)

l Bar false/misleading use of caller ID (spoofing) (SF2243)

l Create criminal penalty for intentionally blocking major highway (SF2222)

l Give counties supervisory control on non-court courthouse areas (HF2310)

l Reduce law enforcement rape kit testing process to less than 90 days (HF2312)

l Toughen oversight for public assistance programs (SF2370)

l Create crime for causing vehicular death due to excessive speed (HF2430)

l Create work requirement for public assistance (HSB666/SF2158)

l Make 911 calls confidential (HF571)

l Require Iowa students to pass a civics exam to get a high school diploma (SF2341)

l Modify the daily time K-12 students can spend riding the school bus (SF2137)

l Expand penalties/create two new crimes for mistreating animals (SF2181)

l Reduce penalty for first-offense marijuana possession (SF2180)

l Require financial literacy course for college students (SF2191)

l Set primary runoff election when no one polls 35 percent of vote (SF483)

l Authorize state board to make changes to the medical cannabis program (SF2157

l Create crime for using simulated firearm in robbery (SF414)

l Enhance laws for safe biking on highways (HF513)

l Amend constitution to address electronic search/seizure (HJR1)

l Create police body camera working group (HF2465)

l Create crime for fraud/misrepresentation of a service animal (HF2295)

l Allow RV/motor home sales on Sunday (SSB3139)

l Allow boats with large motors on Lake Macbride at no-wake speed (SF259)

l Contract with private vendor to verify registered motor vehicle are insured (HF604)

l Bar registered sex offender from schools without written permission (HF2276)

l Create crime for flying drone over prison (HF2154)

l Expand medical conditions covered by medical cannabis law (SF2157)

l Change prescription monitoring program provisions (SF2198)

l Bar pyramid promotional schemes as unlawful practice (SF2178)

l Post child abuse hotline number in school buildings (SF2160)

l Amend Constitution to limit age limit for state militia (SJR2004)

l Restore voting/firearms rights to discharged felons (HF2266)

l Amend Constitution to restore voting rights to “infamous crime” convicts (HJR2007)

l Increase state cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack (HF2339)

l Make state employees financially liable for workplace sexual harassment damages (HF2044/SF2107)

l Exempt sale of feminine hygiene products from state sales tax (HF2191)

l Amend Constitution to limit Supreme Court justices to one eight-year term (HJR2001)

l Amend Constitution to have Supreme Court justices stand for retention every four years (HJR2002)

l Establish state employees’ retirement incentive (SF2061)

l Study educational services provided to incarcerated juveniles (HF2262)

l Establish employment and education rides initiative (SF2187)

l Amend Constitution to impose term limits for state-level offices (SJR2005)

l Beef up water quality/livestock feeding regulations (SF2161)

l Report lost/stolen firearm to police within 48 hours (HF2179)

l Create “extreme risk” protection from dangerous/armed person (HF2180)

l Bar firearm sales or transfers without verified background check (HF2181)

l Bar local law agencies from detaining suspected immigration violators (HF2183)

l Limit campaign contributions to political candidates (HF2184)

l Add post-traumatic stress disorder to medical cannabis treatment (HF2202)

l Mandate cultural competency school requirement for ninth-graders (HF2204)

l Remove 2017 voter identification requirements (HF2222)

l Reduce Supreme Court justices’ salaries to $25,000 annually (same as lawmaker) HF2036

l Make size/distance changes to confinement livestock regulations (SF2036)

l Require radon-testing in all school buildings by June 2022 (HF2206)

l Allow fishing at private lake/pond without a license with owner permission (HF2223)

l Reduce number of days when fireworks can be legally used (HF2220)

l Establish firearms policies/penalties at child-care facilities (HF2245)

l Require all presidential candidates to release income tax returns (HF2034)

l Allow hunters to use unleashed dog to retrieve a wounded deer (SF2039)

l Bar state Racing/Gaming commissioners from more than two consecutive terms (SF2041)

l Waive public college tuition/fees for students in high-demand fields (SF2046)

l Require large-scale livestock farmers to report manure spills (SF2049)

l Allow county officials to regulate siting of large-scale livestock facilities (SF2006)

l Reinstate a limited death penalty (SSB3134)

l Create educational savings grants for parents to enroll children in private schools (HSB651)

l Enact “constitutional carry” change to firearm permit system (SF2106)

l Raise legal age to buy tobacco products to 21 (SF2097)

l Establish termination/transition from Medicaid managed care system (SF2058/HF2244)

l Prohibit sales and use of consumer fireworks (HF2186)

l Establish a moratorium of construction of large-scale livestock facilities (SF2008/HF2135/2083)

l Eliminate the Iowa Department of Education/transfer duties to other agencies (SF2017)

l Eliminate the Iowa Department of Public Health/transfer duties (HF2017)

l Allow employee to choose doctor for workers’ compensation claim (SF2185)

l Give schools option to teach Bible and other religions (HF2031)

l Repeal/revamp collective bargaining law for public employees (HF2201/SF2186)

l Legalize harvesting catfish by bow and arrow (HF 414)

l End tenure systems at public universities/community colleges (SF41)

l Publish names of “johns” paying for prostitution (HSB656)

l Establish public option health insurance coverage (HF2002/SF2035)

l Prohibit manufacture/possession/shipment of bum stock multi-burst trigger activator (HF2144/2075)

l Require minors to wear helmets while riding motorbikes/ATVs (SF2111/HF2092)

l Expand absentee balloting to 45 days before an election (HF2221)

l Recognize crinoid as state fossil (SJR2001)

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