Not one Democrat wants Iowans to vote in changing Constitution on Life



Image: AFP

Yesterday the Iowa Senate voted 32-18 to give Iowans a say in changing our State Constitution with regards to life.

There has never been a RIGHT to abortion in the Iowa Constitution, but our State Supreme Court legislated from the bench to say there was something there that really isn't there. We are that far through the looking glass!

The response from legislators is to approve a resolution that would amend the Iowa Constitution to declare there is no right to an abortion in the State.

The House now has the pass the same resolution and then next year the House and Senate have to pass it again which would then place the matter in the hands of Iowans.

We would get a vote.

So the question is clear. With not a single Democrat voting in favor of this resolution, we have to ask why not one of them trusts Iowans?

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