Do you like the Governor's Invest in Iowa tax plan?

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It is fair to say that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds' new tax plan - Invest in Iowa - is her top priority for this legislative session.

This afternoon she will be in studio for a telephone town hall for a full hour of taking your phone calls on the subject.

This morning in an op-ed that she penned, the Governor wrote: "My plan will provide tax relief for hard-working Iowans, generate sustainable funding for water quality and conservation projects and fully fund our mental health system.

"On taxes, it will provide meaningful income tax relief for Iowa families. On average, it lowers taxes by 10 percent the very first year, with lower income Iowans benefiting the most and seeing a 25 percent cut. Those are real dollars back in the pockets of working Iowans."

You can read the full thing in the Quad City Times RIGHT HERE

Do you like the Governor's plan?

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