I flew home from Florida yesterday. Would you shake my hand?

Rear View Of People Sitting In Airplane

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Yesterday I flew home from Florida. There were just two people wearing face masks on the flight. I did wipe down the tray table, seatbelt buckles, overhead air thingy and the armrests using a disinfectant wipe.

When it comes to Coronavirus there seems to be a lot of panic. No question some of it is media driven because, well you know, Trump! TDS is a real thing.

After I got home, I went to Hy-Vee. Last time I was there I bought my usual amount and needed toilet paper. I felt no need to stock up yesterday, but did walk past the part of the store where they keep it. There was a young man restocking literal empty shelves. It makes no sense.

The real question is however, would you shake my hand today? How about giving me a hug? I am a hugger! :-)

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