After reading the report on Iowa Football, how do you feel about the Hawks?

The independent report into racism within the Iowa Hawkeyes Football program has been completed.

Carried out by a law firm in Kansas City, the 28 page report says in part “The Iowa football program has historically adhered to a philosophy (the “Iowa Way”) that mandates uniformity and discourages individualism. Many Black players expressed difficulty adjusting to the program’s culture as a result, explaining that they were required to conform to a ‘mold’ that appeared to be built around the stereotype of a clean-cut, White athlete from a Midwestern background. Numerous rules, both formal and perceived, 2 requiring conformity around hair, clothing, jewelry, and tattoos left many Black players feeling isolated, targeted, and unwelcome in the program.”

The program has already parted ways with Chris Doyle and the report does not suggest any other coach leave the program.

The law firm interviewed 111 people, including 45 current and 29 former members of the football team and 36 current and former employees.

You can read the full report HERE

Does the report change how do you feel about the Hawks?

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