Biden to issue 6 firearm EOs. Is this the start of extensive gun grabbing?

Hypocrisy is fast becoming the label of the Biden Administration. In case you have forgotten, the President was Vice President when the United States was gun running to Cartels across our Southern border. That operation was called Fast and Furious and no one in the Administration at that time was ever held to account for it. Border Agent Brian Terry paid with his life.

Now and today Biden will sign six executive orders aimed at reducing "gun violence". As I have repeatedly told you, if you let them own the language they end up owning the argument. It is not gun violence, it is human violence.

One of the EOs will be aimed at people who build their own firearms while another will produce model legislation for States to use put Red Flag laws on the books.

Do you think this is just the beginning? Will the Democrats try and grab more of our firearms?

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