More regs & spending are Biden's plans to reduce meat prices. Will it work?

President Biden Meets Virtually With Farmers To Discuss Meat Prices

Photo: Getty Images North America

President Biden didn't know meat prices were high until a family friend told him they were. That is what we are supposed to believe after his virtual meeting with the nation's cattle producers.

This is despite him hearing from Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst among others, on the situation our farmers find themselves in with reducing margins while many others in the industry are making huge profits.

And what's his answer? More regulation on meat packers and more Federal spending aimed at increasing competition in the market.

“I was sitting in my kitchen yesterday and here’s a sunroom off the kitchen and my wife was there with her sister and a good friend named Mary Ann,” Biden said during the virtual meeting. “And she was saying, ‘Do you realize it’s over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat? $5?'”

So more regulations on meat packers and more Federal spending. That's the President's answer. Will it work?

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