Pig Farmers Complying with New VFD Requirements

A recent survey shows that U.S. pig farmers are complying with the new federal rules regarding antibiotic use in their animals. The November survey done by the National Pork Board showed that 95 percent of farmers were ready for full compliance well before the January first deadline. Jan Archer, Pork Board President, says, “The pork industry has worked toward the deadline for two years. Pig farmers are committed to making the necessary changes regarding antibiotic use, with many discontinuing antibiotic use for growth promotion years ago.” One of the biggest keys to the rule changes is antibiotics that are medically important to humans could no longer be used for growth promotion. A big challenge for the industry is ensuring that producers in remote locations have an established relationship with a veterinarian. One of the new ideas to help out with that is an online veterinarian locator at Pork Dot Org Forward Slash Antibiotics. “Complying with the new rules is critical to maintaining consumer trust in the high quality and safety of pork produced in the U.S.,” Archer says.


2017 Crop Price Outlook Still Below Average

The U.S. grain price outlook and crop demand won’t see a lot of major changes in the coming year. That prediction comes from Dr. Pat Westhoff, Director of the Food and Ag Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri. Based on trends, Westhoff says prices will continue to be below average in 2017-2018 and be lower than 2016. Yields for grains and oilseeds increased by one percent per year since 1980, roughly the same rate as the global population growth. The harvested area for wheat, corn, and soybeans has increased by 17 percent from 2002-2014 and world per capita consumption increased 16 percent. He says an increase in ethanol production and Chinese per capita demand had the greatest effect on grains and oilseed markets. Biofuels growth has slowed and increasing Chinese demand is becoming doubtful, so grain and oilseed markets will continue along their current trends for those reasons.

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