The perfect way to celebrate the end of harvest

Yes, that's right a thick, juicy, Iowa-grown prime rib. Andy was up early Sunday getting it all prepared for his Dad and crew as they wrapped up harvest on Sunday in Jones County:

Look from that gorgeous 17 pound rib roast just waiting to be cooked and enjoyed:

A little rub that Andy picked up in Kansas City from Jack Stack's applied and allowed to stand for about two hours before a six and 1/2 hour Pecan and Apple wood smoke at 190 degrees:

Leads to a perfect, medium-rare meal that they could cut with a fork. The timing worked out as well, with the last stalks going through the combine around 6 p.m. just in time for dinner:

Doing their best to drive demand for beef, and celebrate the end of a long and challenging growing season. Plenty of pork and chicken along the way also, all from that same smoker, kept the crew going through it all. Now for clean-up, which will take several days again!

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