The Clean Water in Iowa Starts Here Tour continues near Perry, Iowa

The Clean Water in Iowa Starts Here tour will stop at Tom Vincent’s farm near Perry, Iowa, today. Located in the Swan Lake Branch watershed, part of the North Raccoon watershed, Vincent’s farm exemplifies how conservation drainage systems can be deployed to balance crop production while also helping to capture runoff and improve water quality.

“The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy outlines a variety of proven, science-based conservation tools that we can tailor to fit within fields or operations,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig. “When we use conservation practices to make permanent changes to the landscape, we can make a significant and sustainable impact on water quality while maintaining productive food systems.”

The stop today also shines a light on the importance of urban-rural partnerships that continue to grow in Iowa through the “One Water” platform.

“We won’t be successful in implementing the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy if we don’t have strong urban-rural partnerships in Iowa,” observed Sean McMahon, Executive Director of the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance. “We are thankful to have so many strong, committed urban partners like the City of Des Moines Department of Public Works, the Great Outdoors Foundation, and the City of Cedar Rapids. They are investing in our projects and working shoulder-to-shoulder with us to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.”

For example, tour stop host Vincent is collaborating with Des Moines Public Works, the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and other groups on a Sponsored Partner Project through Iowa’s State Revolving Fund.

“The State Revolving Fund and the Sponsored Partner Projects program is a great example of how urban water utilities and agriculture are working together,” said Roger Wolf, Director of Innovation and Integrated Solutions, ISA Research Center for Farming Innovation.

“This unique conservation financing is a win-win for all stakeholders focused on improving water quality,” Wolf summarized. “It provides funding to help farmers such as Tom implement conservation practices upstream. Those practices then benefit the communities downstream.”

About the One Water Platform

The One Water platform was started by the US Water Alliance to engage with partners across all water sectors. The US Water Alliance promotes water equity through One Water programs, including the national One Water Summit. Individuals and delegations attend the annual summit to discuss and plan out collaborative approaches to water quantity, quality, and equity issues. Iowa has led a delegation the past four summits and sought innovative ways to bring the inclusive and cooperative ethos of One Water back to the local and state level.

To learn more about the US Water Alliance and One Water,

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