Some of the views along Tractorcade you almost have to see to believe

Yes, all of them are in the state of Iowa yet we are continually hearing even from folks who live nearby how much they are enjoying these places they either haven't visited or haven't visited often enough. A big thank you to everyone in and around Bellevue who has made us feel so welcome:

Day 2 started out bright and sunny as we departed Bellevue High School:

Making our way to Kunau Implement in Preston for the morning pit stop:

On display was our Tractorcade Make-Over Contest award winner from a few years back, the Farmall H entered into the contest by Mark Land and owned by his parents Charles and Linda:

The half-way point was reached as we pulled into the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Maquoketa for lunch:

It's always great to see folks who have become life long friends on Tractorcade catching up, and in this case paying tribute to a longtime Tractorcader lost too soon:

The second half of this year's ride kicked off with a trip back South to Goose Lake in Clinton County for an afternoon pit before heading back to Bellevue.

What an incredible couple of days we have had, and a big shout-out to all Law Enforcement and Roads Department folks who have kept us safe and on nice smooth roads!