The 22d Annual Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade draws to a close

It was another gorgeous morning as the sun rose for the final time over Tractorcade 2021 in Bellevue:

The TV news crews were even on hand, so we figured they would enjoy visiting with Mr. Franzen:

The ride today headed North to La Motte for the pit stop:

It's always so cool to see welcome signs along the way:

As the final tractor from the final group rolled back into Bellevue High School, Bob and Andy officially put the finishing touches on another amazing ride by signing off on the final arrow.

Once again a huge thank you to all who worked so hard to make things run so smoothly, and if we don't see you next week for the WHO Radio Great Iowa Tractor Ride, thank you for coming long with us, we hope you enjoyed yourself and we'll see you again next year!